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SharesPost gives users the opportunity to buy or sell private company shares through a contract based process. View company info through the bulletin board where you can gain information regarding latest news, financing, articles, blog posts, user comments, and much more. A seller and/or buyer sets their own terms of contract and posts them onto the bulletin board for viewing. SharesPost standardizes the buying and selling of private company shares in a single online location, allowing the users to keep track of their multiple transactions.

Pixels & Bits was brought in to redesign the interface and implement those designs using Rails, HAML/SASS and unobtrusive JavaScript. During the process, Pixels & Bits created numerous design documents to aid the process and shareholder signoff.


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Technical Details:
Information Architecture, Design, UI development using Rails, HAML/SASS, jQuery and Compass/Blueprint.


We’ve successfully launched products to millions of users on the web, television and mobile.


  • Strength for Caring

    Provides caregivers and families with a plethora of caregiving resources.
  • National Geographic Channel

    Supports the National Geographic programming schedule and lineup.
  • Titmouse

    A website for the Los Angeles based animation studio.
  • SharesPost

    Users can buy or sell private company shares.
  • 4Loot

    Win Facebook Credits by searching.

Open Source

  • GemTools (github)

    A lightweight tool to manage gems using a config file, similar to GemInstaller
  • Config Reader (github)

    Provides a way to manage environment specific configuration settings.
  • FCKEditor on Rails (github)

    A helper/controller to put FCKeditor on Rails using engines or appable plugins.
  • Hpricot Scrub (github)

    Strip and sanitize HTML with Hpricot and Hpricot Scrub.
  • Strappy (github)

    Bootstrap a Rails 2.3 app using a template, with your choice of authentication.

TV / Mobile

  • Active Video Networks

    Interactive television for entertainment giants like Showtime, CNN, HSN and more.
  • Yummylogs

    Log, rate and share your own personal favorite beers, wines, cheeses and liquors.


Neil Heinrich

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