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Pixels & Bits worked with Behavior Design turning their graphically rich designs into a dynamic user interface for the National Geographic Television Channel. Users can view their local television schedule via calendar, search by television show categorized by theme, featured shows or specials.

Pixels & Bits’ role within the project was implementation of complex JavaScript features and CSS foundation. Each show, theme, and special has its own template driven page giving the user an interactive experience as one is able to browse through photos, watch a brief clip of the show, and often play games or test their knowledge with a quiz.


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Technical Details:
JQuery (and a host of plugins), Video, SwfObject, sIFR, Template Driven Designs

Visual Design by Behavior Design


We’ve successfully launched products to millions of users on the web, television and mobile.


  • Strength for Caring

    Provides caregivers and families with a plethora of caregiving resources.
  • National Geographic Channel

    Supports the National Geographic programming schedule and lineup.
  • Titmouse

    A website for the Los Angeles based animation studio.
  • SharesPost

    Users can buy or sell private company shares.
  • 4Loot

    Win Facebook Credits by searching.

Open Source

  • GemTools (github)

    A lightweight tool to manage gems using a config file, similar to GemInstaller
  • Config Reader (github)

    Provides a way to manage environment specific configuration settings.
  • FCKEditor on Rails (github)

    A helper/controller to put FCKeditor on Rails using engines or appable plugins.
  • Hpricot Scrub (github)

    Strip and sanitize HTML with Hpricot and Hpricot Scrub.
  • Strappy (github)

    Bootstrap a Rails 2.3 app using a template, with your choice of authentication.

TV / Mobile

  • Active Video Networks

    Interactive television for entertainment giants like Showtime, CNN, HSN and more.
  • Yummylogs

    Log, rate and share your own personal favorite beers, wines, cheeses and liquors.


Neil Heinrich

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Michael Moen

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